We help people to relax and switch off from the stresses of daily life, and to get fit and flexible so that they feel calm, confident and happy.

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Here is How I Can Help You

During the Coronavirus outbreak, we have moved all our classes online. Members receive the same level of service and support as before, with access to our members Facebook group, and a bimonthly newsletter with delicious recipes and tips. The sessions will take place in the comfort of your own home via Zoom. If this sounds daunting, we are happy to help you get set up, just email us at pradhipayoga@gmail.com. During this time, we are also offering a pay as you go option to access classes.

Weekly Group Classes

  • Do you struggle to switch off and relax?
  • Suffer with aches, pains and feeling stiff?
  • Do you put everyone else first?
  • Looking for time out each week to relax and restore?
  • Want to learn in a group environment?

Online Classes

  • Are you busy, stressed and struggling to make time for exercise and relaxation?
  • Are you looking for something that will change your life, but that fits in around your work or family schedule?
  • Do you have some quiet space at home where you can practice without being disturbed?
  • Want to feel fitter, stronger and more relaxed, without having to leave your home?

Here is What My Clients Are Saying

“I enjoy Angela’s classes very much and I feel very lucky I met her quite be chance some 18 months ago, I was looking for an alternative fitness regimen to the gym what I have since discovered in Yoga has been so much more…. Yoga makes me feel so much more balanced and helps me cope with life’s many challenges. I’d urge anyone contemplating Yoga to go for it, come along and join one of Angela’s classes as I did and hope your journey is as beneficial to you as it has been for me.”

Jenny, Atherstone

“I have been going to Angela’s yoga classes for 3 years and have really felt the benefits in my flexibility and ability to de stress through relaxation techniques.

Angela’s warm and supportive nature creates a lovely atmosphere to practice yoga in no matter what level you are at.

Viv, Atherstone

Since starting my yoga with Angela, I can honestly say that my self-confidence has increased. I also feel for the first time in my life that I actually know myself. I feel calm and at peace and, I am able to deal with the problems that life throws at me without getting angry. In May 2018 I started my own business. This is something that I would never thought possible. When I previously thought about self-employment, I dismissed the idea quickly through negative thinking. Through yoga, my mind is relaxed and I am more positive.

Phil, Dorridge

“Yoga with Angela is deeply spiritual and relaxing. After a class I feel all my worries and stresses have floated away. I feel more focused and able to cope with life and its ups and downs. Although I have joint problems, I have become more flexible over time and many of my pains have eased significantly since starting to practice yoga with Angela. She is always thoughtful and kind and plays beautiful music to lift your soul and insightfully introduces poses she knows help to ease your pains. What can I say? Yoga is not just a class for me now, it’s a way of life, and a much better one too! Thank you Angela and Namaste x”

Emma, Atherstone

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Claim Your Free Yoga Taster or Online Trial

To claim your Free Yoga Taster or Online Trial simply click on the button below and then choose the option that suits you best on the next page.