Hi my name is Angela and I am the founder of Pradhipa Yoga. We help men and women to get fit, flexible and relaxed, so that they can feel calm, confident and happy. We know that not everyone likes high intensity sports and exercise, so we offer a fun and relaxing alternative to keep you healthy and active. We understand that being healthy isn’t only about taking care of the physical body, but should encompass mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing also.

What separates our approach from other studios is that whilst attending one or two classes a week is great, we firmly believe that Yoga and Mindfulness should become a part of your everyday life. With this in mind, we teach and support you in developing your own practice, so that you can take care of yourself and find that quiet calm space, anytime you need.

My Story

I found Yoga quite by accident around twelve years ago when I attended a class at my gym. I loved that it was challenging, but at the same time so relaxing, and I soon developed a committed daily practice. It wasn’t until some years later, when looking for a career change, that I thought it would be great to help people feel as wonderful as I always did after a class, and decided to become an instructor.

I flew to India in 2012 and took an intensive training in a traditional Yoga Ashram with Swami Govindananda. I always knew there was more to Yoga than just the physical practice, but what I learned about Yoga and Vedanta philosophy on my training, changed me completely and gave my life new meaning.

I went on to teach in Thailand before returning to India in 2013 for six month intense Sadhana, (spiritual practice), at a remote family run ashram called Arsha Yoga. I returned to the UK in 2014 and started Pradhipa Yoga, with a vision to create healthier, happier communities by helping people to find their passion and joy in life. As well as running classes and workshops, I also run retreats to India together with Arsha Yoga, to help more people experience the true essence of Yoga.


April 2018 – Children’s Yoga Teacher Training with Collins & Barth School of Yoga
January 2017 – Level 2 300 hour Advanced Teacher Training with Swami Govindananda
October 2015 – Teen Yoga Course with Charlotta Martinus, of Teen Yoga Foundation UK
February 2014 – 360 hour Yoga Therapy Training with Yoga Acharya Harilal of Arsha Yoga
December 2013 – 100 hour Vedic Psycholody with Arsha Yoga
November 2013 – 110 hour Vedic Culture course with Arsha Yoga
December 2012 – Reiki Level 1 & 2 Attunement with Jacqueline Keita
December 2012 – Level 1 200 hour Yoga Teacher Training with Swami Govindananda

Susie Pollard

I began my yoga journey 21 years ago when I practised for the first time at the start of my teacher training as an educationalist. I continued this journey, exploring many different styles of yoga alongside my educational teaching.

Yoga became my inner sanctuary and showed me the way to becoming my most authentic self and that this journey is a lifelong pursuit. It has taught me skills for navigating through life with presence, grace and truth. It helps to nurture a mindful approach to every day and it has served me as a reliable source of strength.

The quiet whisperings of the spiritual side of yoga call me back over and over again. And it is these whisperings that also called me to combine my practice with my 20 years of teaching experience and train to teach myself. So I qualified in Hatha yoga last year and I have been teaching a class for over a year to the over 70’s, however it is now time to expand my yoga teaching. My heart has found its passion. Yoga is my home and I hope that you leave my classes feeling more whole; mentally, physically and spiritually.

Sally Hughes

I have been a fitness instructor for nearly 12 years and have always loved yoga. I attended yoga classes for about 20 years and then decided to do my training with the British School of Yoga and qualified as a Yoga Teacher in October 2016.

Since qualifying as a Yoga Teacher I have been teaching at various fitness centres in Warwickshire. I teach Hatha Yoga and enjoy how this makes us feel strong, energised, relaxed and positive in attitude. I am also a qualified children’s yoga teacher with regular classes at schools in Nuneaton.


I completed most of my training in India, the spiritual birthplace of Yoga, studying under some of the most incredible teachers and masters. I am a 500 hour fully qualified yoga teacher, with training in Ashtanga Vinyasa, Hatha and Iyenga yoga, as well as several types of meditation and massage. In our hectic modern day life its very easy to get caught up.

There is always something to stress over so worry is never far from your mind. Yoga is a way to help you calm your mind and react appropriately to the stressful situations that life can throw at you. As your practice continues, the worries in your life will begin to disappear and a peaceful calm will replace it. And the brilliant thing is, there is no age limit to this practice!

You do not need to be able to bend yourself into a pretzel to be able to feel the benefits from yoga. So no excuse! Taking this journey of Yoga together, teacher and student, we will start to discover the deeper and much more subtle aspects of life.There is so much more to Yoga than the postures that we practise!

Kevin Jones

From an academic background, studying Mathematics at University, & travelling the world in his late twenties, Kevin has been practicing yoga sporadically for the past two decades.

It was only when he was pursuing a variety of dance styles (including ballet & contemporary) as an enjoyable way to stay healthy in his early thirties that he was drawn to a more regular & consistent yoga practice as a way to counterbalance the effects of many hours dancing & working as a Pilates teacher.

After trying out a number of different styles of yoga, Kevin was introduced to the Jivamukti Yoga Method and quickly knew this was the method that resonated the most with him – a vigorous physical practice that advocates an ethical lifestyle. Kevin deepened his studies with the support of a number of Jivamukti Yoga teachers both locally & further afield; began more independent study; & found himself drawn further into the depth & vastness that is Yoga… & organically moved further away from dance… The rest as they say is history.

Kevin was blessed to be able to complete the rigorous month long Jivamukti Yoga Teacher Training at Govardhan Eco Village in India during February 2018 – facilitated by Sharon Gannon, Yogeswari Eichen & Moritz Ulrich, mentored by Andrea Kwiatkowski & studied Sanskrit with Manorama D’Alvia.

Kevin continues to be a student of yoga through his daily sadhana practices and is passionate about sharing the ancient teachings & benefits of yoga with everyone.


Hi, my name is Fran. I have spent most of my working life so far as a primary school teacher, with children of all ages from 3-11 years. I love working with children and seeing the world through their eyes, full of wonder and excitement. I have three grown up children of my own and I have seen first-hand how the pace of life has changed dramatically for children and their parents, with the introduction of mobile phones, i-pads and social media.

Having practiced yoga myself for several years, I realised how much difference yoga was making to my life and after attending a yoga retreat in Cyprus decided to see if I could share some of what I had learnt by getting my teaching qualification. We all need to be able to switch off from the never-ending stream of information and noise that we are exposed to in our daily lives; Yoga can give us this and so much more. We can learn about ourselves, both physically and emotionally. Yoga is accessible to everyone; ‘If you can breathe, you can do yoga.’ I now balance my work between teaching yoga classes and working as a part-time supply teacher, so I get the best of both worlds!

Gentle Flow

My gentle flow yoga class is a series of gentle sequences, with simple transitions from one posture to the next, using breath to initiate movement. These classes aim to improve flexibility of mind and body, encouraging students to get to know, and accept what their body is capable of doing. During each class we also spend some time with a focus on improving core strength and balance, ending with time for a guided relaxation, leaving everyone feeling calm and ready to face the next part of their day.


Laura has been practicing Yoga since 2002 and completed her 200hr TT 3 years ago. Yoga became her sanctuary when she took up a stressful job in London, and is now following her teaching path. Laura believes in yoga’s ability to heal, as well as nurture and protect the mind, body and soul. Taking our attention from the very busy, loud world around us, back to ourselves, inside, which is where it all begins. Laura’s classes have been described as inspiring, whist being encouraging and fun. Laura observes and enjoys her spiritual connection, making her sessions relaxed, but focused.

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